The most widely covered turnkey solution available on the market

We provide full retrofit turnkey solution with strict quality control. You have the option to let your BWMS packaged with the full retrofit service when delivered, com- pletely leaving the trouble of retrofitting to us, who has accumulated vast experience from completing near 1,000 sets of supply and installation on the domestic and international vessels, and has over 20 years of experience in water treatment plants.

We are obliged to ensure the system’s compatibility to your vessel and its operational efficacy, while providing the most economic retrofit solution with the most stringent quality control standard.

  • Onboard Survey
  • Installation Engineering
  • Onboard Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Training

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Vessel Type:Research Vessel Class:CCS
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B250 Shipyard:Shanghai Jiangnan Shipbuilding
Delivery Time:2012-12-21 Remarks:Retrofit Project


Vessel Type:Container Vessel Class:LR
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B800 Shipyard:Xinya Shipyard
Delivery Time:2016-07-02 Remarks:Retrofit Project

5000T Maritime Surveillance Ship

Vessel Type:Maritime Surveillance Ship Class:CCS
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B250 Shipyard:Wuchang Shipbuilding
Delivery Time:2014-07-01 Remarks:New Building

7000T Oil/Chemical Vessel

Vessel Type:Oil/Chemical Vessel Class:RS
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B800(Ex) Shipyard:Yangzhou Haichuan Shipbuilding
Delivery Time:2015-05-10 Remarks:New Building


Vessel Type:Spilled Oil Recovery Vessel Class:CCS
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B250 Shipyard:Wuchang Shipbuilding
Delivery Time:2015-08-20 Remarks:Retrofit Project


Vessel Type:Container Vessel Class:NK
BWTS Type:Cyeco-B800 Shipyard:Xinya Shipyard
Delivery Time:2016-08-06 Remarks:Retrofit Project